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Ductwork installation is a challenging task and operation since there are several things or factors to consider. You may install air ducts independently, but we highly recommend that you contact a competent contractor to ensure efficient and accurate service the first time.

At Best Ruud AC Service, we can help you whether you’re installing central air into your home or business without ducts or installing ductworks in a new property! You have nothing to worry about because our professional team is licensed, insured, and state-certified, making them fully qualified and skilled in installing air ducts throughout your home or property.

Why Us?

When it comes to duct installation, our professional installers here at Best Ruud AC Service are meticulous. Considering every element of the installation procedure allows us to do the work correctly the first time, every time. Furthermore, we adhere to quality standards established by several local and national organizations. After our team has finished installing your ducting system, you will be able to enjoy temperature-controlled air throughout your home or business in no time!

What Can We Do?

When installing air ducts, we at Best Ruud AC Service take four aspects into account: planning, placement, sealing, and returns. These four components of an air duct installation process are critical to ensure that you get the most out of our services. Unfortunately, when even one of these qualities is overlooked, leaks occur, costing you extra money on your energy bill. Rest assured that here with us, we aim to deliver unmatched quality and the best ductwork Malibu can offer!

  • Planning – The planning procedure assists us in preparing for the installation of your air ducts. By mapping out the route, determining the proper sizing for your property, and following the necessary protocols for installing the ducting, our experts can complete the project in a more timely and efficient manner.
  • Placement – The location of your ducting is meticulously planned throughout the planning stage. Our professionals are cautious about where they install ducting. It is critical to understand what may and cannot impact the quality of air within the duct.
  • Sealing – Because ductwork is never a single piece, components must be bonded together. An ill-fitting seal might result in two problems: air leakage from the ductwork or air entering the duct and altering the temperature. At Best Ruud AC Service, you may be confident that we will carefully seal the ducts to prevent leaks in the long term.
  • Returns – Return vents and ducts bring air back into the HVAC system, then send it out at the desired temperature. You may be confident that we will install the necessary return vents during our comprehensive air duct installation.

Our topmost priority here at Best Ruud AC Service is to provide our customers with effective and satisfying air duct installation services that will leave them confident in all we do. Our professional air duct installers are state-certified, professionally skilled, and only utilize as high-quality materials as possible for your peace of mind. Together with our vast years of experience in the field and our long-lasting solutions, expect your ducting system will withstand the test of time! Rest assured that after we finish the installation service, you will be able to enjoy cooling and heating throughout your property in no time, no matter what the season or weather brings!

To get started, contact us today via phone or email to receive an honest and accurate estimate on your air duct installation needs here in Malibu!

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