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Here in Pasadena, your source for HVAC repairs and maintenance services is Best Ruud AC Service. We have provided Pasadena and its surrounding with dependable heating and cooling services. From fast, effective repairs to full maintenance and installation set-up, we’re sure to make your home feel comfortable any day of the year. Our accredited HVAC technicians are here to help, no matter the time of year. We offer full service for residential and commercial establishments. We are always available outside of regular working hours and even on holidays with no additional charges.

A thermostat is a crucial element of your heating and air conditioning system. This small device enables you to manage your residential or commercial space’s temperature entirely by adjusting the temperature indoors. With the appearance of smart thermostats, regulating indoor temperature has never been this easy. You can create automated and programmable temperature settings based on your schedules. As a result, many people are choosing such devices. However, the only condition to get endless benefits of this device is usual maintenance and timely repairs. Best Ruud AC Service is your one-stop solution for all thermostat services.

Our services include:

Thermostat Installation

Installation of a thermostat is a short process and is fully worthwhile. You wouldn’t have to create huge changes in your house for the HVAC technician to perform his work. After installation, a technician would do a quick test to guarantee your thermostat’s settings with your furnace or air conditioner. There are top reasons why homeowners get a technician for thermostat installation.

  • When the thermostat is no longer working, thermostats usually last a decade. Therefore, replacing a thermostat is better than getting on constant and costly repairs. This small device can also greatly affect your energy bills.
  • When you need an upgrade in technology, homeowners are now going towards smart thermostats because they conserve energy, decrease utility bills, and ease usage of the device regardless of the weather. It allows you to decrease the heating and cooling when nobody is home and make your house comfortable and cozy right before you arrive home.

Our accredited and qualified Ruud HVAC technicians at Best Ruud AC Service can install any thermostat of your choice. If you choose a replacement, we will recommend the best type of thermostat after assessing your budget and specifications.

Thermostat Repair

A defective thermostat is completely intolerable as it makes your indoor environment unpleasant. The common causes of thermostat failure are age, wear and tear, and manufacturing defects. If you encounter severe temperature fluctuations or if your thermostat displays incorrect readings, it might require repair. Other signs that cause a problem in thermostats are:

  • The heating or cooling unit runs constantly
  • The thermostat screen doesn’t turn on or responds
  • Fluctuating Temperature

Our guaranteed heating and cooling technicians team will troubleshoot the problem and restore the system to efficient functioning. In case your thermostat is way past repairs, a replacement is highly recommended.

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